Who Is Jackie Cherryhomes?

Jackie Cherryhomes is a lifelong resident of the City of Minneapolis.

A graduate of Augsburg College, Ms. Cherryhomes has been involved in the civic life of Minneapolis for over 30 years. From political involvement to community organizing, Ms. Cherryhomes has had a positive and enduring influence on Minneapolis.

Ms. Cherryhomes’ passion for community development was ignited when she moved to North Minneapolis over 30 years ago. She immediately became involved in organizing her community around issues of crime and safety. She then became Development Director of the Northside Residents Redevelopment Council, working to develop and manage over 120 units of low income housing in North Minneapolis.

Ms. Cherryhomes was elected to the Minneapolis City Council in 1989. During her twelve-year tenure on the City Council (1990-2002), she represented the 5th ward, the most economic and ethnically diverse area of the City of Minneapolis. In 1994 her peers elected her as President of the City Council, a position she served in for eight years.

  • During her tenure on the City Council, Jackie represented part of downtown Minneapolis and the Minneapolis riverfront. Thanks to her strong interest in development, a plan for the riverfront was developed and implemented, resulting in over 1,200 new housing units on previously vacant land.
  • Jackie’s leadership helped facilitate a number of large civic projects including, the purchase of the Target Center by the City of Minneapolis, the expansion of the Minneapolis Convention Center.
  • Jackie’s lead in the deconcentration of poverty in North Minneapolis helped remove 700 units of dilapidated public housing. Working together with neighborhood activists and the selected developer, Jackie was able to help fashion a development plan which resulted in 900 units of new housing with unprecedented participation by women and minority-owned businesses; the largest redevelopment project in the history of Minneapolis.
  • Jackie and Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton successfully lobbied Washington, D.C. to have Minneapolis designated as an Empowerment Zone, thus increasing resources available to urban communities.
  • Ms. Cherryhomes incorporated Cherryhomes-Tyler, Inc., in 2002. She has successfully assisted developers, schools, small businesses and major corporations in navigating the government process in Minnesota. Cherryhomes-Tyler, LLC, focuses on government relations, project and resource identification and project management. Activities include identifying potential projects, solicitation of community support for projects, navigating a project through various government approvals, identifying and securing project financing and developing successful strategies for clients.
  • In addition to her professional work with clients, Ms. Cherryhomes has remained involved and committed to the City of Minneapolis. Ms. Cherryhomes served as President of the Minneapolis Aquatennial, a member of the Board of Regents of Augsburg College and was recently elected to serve as Chair of the West Broadway Business and Area Coalition. She also maintains involvement with her neighborhood block club and other Northside community-based organizations. Her continued involvement in the community has given her a hands-on understanding of the challenges facing our city and our region.

Ms. Cherryhomes is married to F. Clayton Tyler, a prominent Minneapolis attorney and chair of the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority. Together, they have a 15-year old daughter, Emma Tyler. Jackie is the daughter of John and Patricia Parker and sister of Sarah Parker.