Cherryhomes-Tyler Portfolio

Cherryhomes-Tyler Consulting focus on developing partnerships between business, community and government to achieve mutual goals. Clients include non-profit organizations, developers and private businesses with an emphasis on job creation, economic development and opportunity for business growth. Successful projects include:

  • Standard Heating and Air Conditioning – the successful relocation of an iconic Minneapolis business from South Minneapolis to North Minneapolis. The relocation preserved 90 jobs and created new employment opportunities for North Minneapolis residents.
  • Minneapolis Public Schools Headquarters relocation – a partnership between Mortenson Development and Legacy Development, this project brought together the North Minneapolis community, women/minority owned businesses and private development to relocate the MPS headquarters with the goal of insuring opportunity for women/minority businesses and community residents.
  • Franklin Lofts – this affordable housing project sparked neighborhood revitalization at a challenging intersection in Minneapolis
  • Central Avenue Senior Housing – Working with Dunbar Development, this senior housing project is one of the only privately developed senior projects in Minneapolis; ensuring our seniors have quality affordable housing.
  • A Mill Artist Lofts – the renovation of this historic landmark will provide over 200 units of affordable artist housing on the Minneapolis riverfront.
  • SW Transitway – working with businesses and residents along the proposed SW LRT route to insure minimal impact on their neighborhoods and businesses.
  • Covanta Energy – identifying employment opportunities in the energy sector and matching those opportunities with community-based employment training programs.
  • Summit Academy OIC – advocating for green jobs and promoting construction and employment opportunities on a wide range of government-sponsored projects.
  • NetWork for Better Futures – connecting job and housing with ex-offenders.
  • Minneapolis Refuse Inc – successfully worked with Hennepin County, the City of Minneapolis, community representatives and private haulers to develop and implement a single-sort recycling project in Minneapolis.
  • City of Brainerd – worked with the City of Brainerd, the Brainerd Police Department, community representatives and property owners to establish a rental property licensing system for the City of Brainerd.
  • Rose Development – this project successfully relocated an iconic Northside business, destroyed by the tornado, into a temporary facility while working to create a new development. The project involves building a strong partnership between the business, the community and government to insure preservation of this business within the community.